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Municipal Voter Information

August 11, 2020 is State Presidential Preference Primary 6AM-8PM

District Office Primary TBA

You must be a registered Democrat or Republican to vote in these primaries.

Where Can I Register to Vote? 

  • Office of the Registrars of Voters, Room 209 (during business hours posted below)   
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Department of Social Services                            
  • Complete a voter registration card (English/Español) and mail in to Registrars of Voters, West Hartford Town Hall, 50 South Main St, West Hartford, CT 06107                          
  • Register online. You may do this if you have a DMV record on file.  

If you have moved within town, you must change your address with the Registrar of Voters office by completing a completing a voter registration card in-person or via mail or online.

Voter Eligibility Requirements

  • U.S. citizen
  • Resident of a Connecticut town
  • At least 18 years of age (you may register at age 17 as long as you will turn 18 by Election Day)
  • Completed confinement and parole, if previously convicted of a felony

Voter Identification Requirements

Poll workers will ask for identification on election day. Click here for a list of Voter ID FAQ.

Change in Voter Registration Information

If you change your name, address or party enrollment, you must complete a voter registration card (English/Español) and fill in fields 1a through 12 and send the form with your original signature to: Registrar of Voters, 50 South Main Street, Room 209, West Hartford, CT 06107.  A fax will not be accepted.

Enrolling in a political party in Connecticut

If you are a NEW ELECTOR, complete LINE 9 of the voter registration application (English/Español). If you do not wish to enroll in a political party, just check NO. You will be an "Unaffiliated" voter in Connecticut.


Changing political party affiliation

  • In order to change party affiliation, complete a voter registration card (English/Español) and check the box marked "Party Enrollment Change." You may also do this online if you have a DMV record on file.  
  • If you are an Unaffiliated voter and would like to affiliate with a party, you have until 12 noon (in person) the day before a primary to do so in order to qualify to vote in that party's primary.

  • A voter who changes from one party to another acquires party privileges 3 months after filing an application with the registrar.
  • An unaffiliated elector who enrolls in a party acquires party privileges immediately.
  • Only party members are eligible to vote in primaries and caucuses.

Elections & Polling Locations

The Town of West Hartford has nine voting districts. Voters can find out if they are registered to vote and their new polling place at the Secretary of the State's "Look Up" site.  All polling locations are open from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

District #1 - King Philip Middle School, 100 King Philip Drive
District #2 - Bristow Middle School, 34 Highland Street
District #3 - West Hartford Town Hall, 50 South Main Street
District #4 - Charter Oak International Academy, 425 Oakwood Avenue
District #5 - Wolcott School, 71 Wolcott Road
District #6 - Conard High School, 110 Beechwood Road
District #7 - Sedgwick Middle School, 128 Sedgwick Road
District #8 - Braeburn School, 45 Braeburn Road
District #9 - Hall High School, 975 North Main Street

Absentee Ballots
Registered voters who are ill, physically disabled, serving in the military, out of town on election day or whose religion forbids secular activity on election day may apply to vote using an absentee ballot. Those providing service as a poll worker in polling places other than their own are also eligible. Visit or call the Registrars office (office hours and contact information is below) or Town Clerk's Office at (860) 561-7430. 

Permanent Absentee Ballots

Since January 1, 2013, electors with permanent disabilities may be eligible for permanent absentee ballot status. The elector must file an absentee ballot application together with a primary care provider's statement on their letterhead stating that they have a permanent disability and are unable to appear in person at the polling place. Once this is received, absentee ballots will be sent to eligible electors throughout the year for each event they would be eligible to vote. The ballots will be sent on the first day on which absentee ballots become available (i.e. 21 days before a primary, 31 days before an election).

Electors will receive an annual written notice in January of each year from the Registrar of Voters to determine if the elector with this status continues to reside at the address on their permanent absentee ballot application. Failure to return the notice will result in removal of the elector from the permanent absentee ballot status list.

Accommodations for Temporarily and Permanently Disabled Voters

For SOTS Fact Sheet regarding accommodations, click here.

The Connecticut Secretary of the State has implemented new IVS Accessible Voting Equipment in order to accommodate disables voters.   

The Inspire Ballot Marking System has a unique feature that allows ROVs to provide at-home practice for blind and visually impaired voters prior to voting on Election Day. Since the user interface for the audio ballot is a small, 12-button keypad, similar to the layout of a telephone keypad, the voters can call a toll-free number anytime from the comfort of their home or office to practice voting.  Voters can browse through a famous names test ballot or an actual ballot, making selections, writing-in names, checking for under votes, reviewing the voted ballot, changing selections, etc.  This incredible educational tool makes it much easier for blind and visually impaired voters to become familiar with the Inspire Ballot Marking System audio ballot.   An actual ballot will not be marked or printed.

Address & Phone:
West Hartford Town Hall
50 South Main Street, Room 209
West Hartford, CT 06107

Main Number (860) 561-7450
Fax Number (860) 561-7457

Office Hours:
Monday 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM                                 
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Thursday 12:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Friday 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM