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Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is responsible for the Town's technology infrastructure.  

West Hartford Information Technology Mission:


The foundation of any Enterprise is a stable, secure infrastructure, capable of handling the daily tasks required of both today and tomorrow.  

Technical Support:

A computer is only a useful tool when it works properly. Our goal is to respond to helpdesk tickets in a timely manner so impacts are minimal. We proactively replace equipment to limit downtime and use documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) to address every contingency.  

Application & Integration:

Only relevant applications designed around end-user needs will be deployed, with emphasis on best practice and industry standard norms. We will follow benchmarks to ensure users have a consistent experience that enhances productivity, not detracts from it.       

Information Cognizance:

We live in the information age and believe that all end-users should have the necessary skills to gather viable, reliable information across many different resources in an ethical, safe manner.