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Outdoor Dining and Outdoor Retail

Reopening West Hartford Outdoor Dining and Outdoor Retail

The State of Connecticut has issued guidance for the reopening of outdoor dining and retail spaces to be effective Wednesday May 20, 2020.  The information on this page is designed to provide restaurants and retailers necessary tools for navigating the reopening process.  The Town of West Hartford looks forward to assisting our small businesses. 

State of Connecticut Guidance / Requirements

All restaurants and retailers seeking to reopen must self-certify and commit to comply with the Sector Rules established to keep their employees and customers safe.   The State of Connecticut has created on online self-certification portal available here.

Reopen Connecticut Sector Rules for Restaurants (Outdoor Dining Only) are available here.

Reopen Connecticut Sector Rules for Retail are available here.

Executive Order 7 MM was issued to simplify and create an expedited municipal approval process for expanded outdoor dining and retail activities. 

Town of West Hartford Special Application for Outdoor Dining and Outdoor Retail

The Special Application applies to all new or expanded outdoor dining and outdoor retail as defined in Executive Order No. 7MM.  In addition, a separate Health District Application is required for new or expanded outdoor dining. Approval authorized by this Special Application shall be valid as long as the Executive Order remains in effect and supersedes any existing outdoor dining permit approvals from the Town of West Hartford.  There is fee associated with this special application.

Restaurants with existing outdoor dining permits may operate under those permits provided that there is no expansion of either seat count or dining area, and operation is in full compliance with the REOPEN Connecticut Sector Rules for Restaurants (Outdoor Dining Only).  However, if any alterations to kitchen or food preparation areas are made, a separate review by the Health District will be required.  

A copy of the Special Application is available here.

A copy of the Health District application is available here.

Completed Heath District Applications should be emailed to Chris Hansen at Christopher.Hansen@WestHartfordCT.gov

The Special Application review will be conducted by the Town’s Local Enforcement Officials, including the Director of Health, Director of Public Works, Chief Building Official, Fire Marshal, and Zoning Enforcement Officer. 

Applications will be reviewed and approved in 10 days or less after a complete application is received. 

For questions or help with the Special Application review process, please contact Brian Pudlik, Zoning Enforcement Officer at brian.pudlik@westhartfordct.gov.

For questions or help with Health District Application review process, please contact Chris Hansen, Environmental Sanitarian III  at Christopher.Hansen@WestHartfordCT.gov.