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Social Services

~ Promoting independence, well-being and enhanced quality of life for West Hartford residents of all ages, through programs, services and individualized attention to residents in need. ~

Social Services provides support services to residents experiencing financial, physical and psychosocial hardships. This is facilitated primarily through case management - the process through which case workers assess an individual's or family's needs, advise on the various options available, and help clients achieve the maximum level of self-determination.

Social Services directs its clients to professionals and organizations equipped with the expertise to offer meaningful assistance in the areas required. While many services are available through the division, additional assistance is provided through a system of networking, advocacy and referral efforts by case managers with other service providers. This coordinated approach provides clients with an enhanced quality of life and the potential for increased self-sufficiency and independence.

Announcements & Upcoming Events 

  • Eight Dimensions of Wellness include the following components: 
    Emotional - Cope effectively with life and create satisfying relationships
    Spiritual - Expand your sense of purpose and meaning in life
    Intellectual - Recognize creative abilities and find ways to expand knowledge and skills
    Physical - Recognize the need for physical activity, diet, sleep and nutrition
    Environmental - Build good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being
    Financial - Find satisfaction with current and future financial situations
    Occupational - Derive personal satisfaction and enrichment from one's work
    Social - Develop a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system
    Think about them. Explore them. Be happy, stay healthy!  

  • Announcement from the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program from DSS State of CT in response to COVID-19:

    "In an effort to comply with recommendations from the Governor and CDC, we will be temporarily suspending our In-Person Outreach model for the next several weeks. This means that all Foodshare SNAP Outreach sites through April 12th are canceled at this time.

    In an effort to still help clients, we will be offering clients a chance to apply over the phone. For any clients that you have in need of application assistance, please have them call our office and we can take their information over the phone. 860-286-9999 Ext. 104. The process takes about 30 minutes, and they just need to know the same information they would have with them for their in-person appointment. The application is submitted online while on the phone.  We will mail them a packet to sign and return." 


Pictured here are Town of West Hartford social workers (L-R): Astrid Calderon, Deanna Deshpande, Jackie Zea-Edgar, Theresa Lerner, and Keren Paquette.


Address & Phone:
West Hartford Town Hall
50 South Main Street, Room 306
West Hartford, CT 06107
860- 561-7561

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

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